What if you could get yourself in front of the right people sooner, while feeling confident af in your message and vision?

You’d experience more growth, connection and fab clients?

You don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions, and I don’t believe in pushing you into one either. Your business is unique and your branding needs will be too.

Building a delightful brand experience isn’t a 3-step programme steeped in guarantees of success and profit. That’s why we’ll take the time to intimately understand what you do, who you do it for and why it matters to you and them.

We’ll outline goals that align to your vision and determine how we can meet them using messaging, branding, a website and touchpoints.

All this strategy gets translated into a meaningful brand experience your people love (and talk about). So that you’ll have what you need to reach your goals and get more fab clients, without being weighed down by what you don’t.

Projects are quoted individually and start around USD 3000

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I offer (click for details)

Brand strategy

Brand purpose, vision, messaging, USP, values, people, benefits, personality, voice and keywords

Brand identity

Logo suite, taglines + marks, illustrations, patterns, textures, icons, stock images, style guide, brand manual

Print & digital touchpoints

Bochures, lookbooks + catalogues, postcards + other stationery, stickers + labels, onboarding templates, Pinterest + blog graphic templates, store + booth signage/design, presentation templates, marketing email templates

Web design and development

Website strategy, wireframe, copywriting, design, ‘from scratch’ development on Webflow, collection creation, tutorial videos

Packaging design

Product packaging, dieline creation, DTP and print preparation, physical mockup creation, unboxing experiences and accompanying stationery, printer management
Life coach pattern and illustration design with full brandingWedding and motherhood photographer branding and logo design

What your peers have said

Thank you for translating all our thoughts and ideas into this beautiful, well considered strategy. Hand on heart, when I read the introductory magic moment all the tears welled up. It stirred something inside - warmth, nostalgia, family, our girls, sunny days - it feels authentic and special. The essence of Reverie.
Before our discussion with you, we explored ideas around Reverie's vision, values and identity. You probed further, made us think deeper and this strategy reflects that.

Lauren Moore

Lorin has the amazing ability to see straight to the heart of a business and a brand and understand what is really needed to communicate this to your clients.
While working with Lorin, she was incredibly talented at finding ways to showcase the heart of my brand in the most elegant and creative way - not just for future clients, but in a way that allowed me to clearly see it, and feel proud and excited to share it with the world. I'm deeply grateful to her for believing in me and my brand enough to not only make it look beautiful, but to help me believe in it too.

Sophie Smith

Before I started working with Lorin, I felt like my brand was like a bunch of wildflowers I had gathered. She helped me arrange them into a beautiful bouquet through strategy and design that I feel confident in marketing and planning around.

Aimee Burrell

I love the branding, the colours and really appreciate your way with words, taking my heart and turning into something more salesy (in a good way). I love the branding, especially the elements you found in my work. I appreciated the copy you wrote for me and really appreciated your endless patience. I love that you understood me so well. You were also really open to changes I wanted to make to your design, which I appreciated.

Sophie Smith

I feel like it’s not work at all now that I have an intimate map of my brand and the messaging to carry forth. I derive a lot of satisfaction, pleasure, and fulfillment from creating and working on my business and I’m so excited for the coming year.

Beatrice Mangar

THANK YOU! I’m going to send feedback after I’ve had a moment to pour over every section. However, I burst into tears while reading the opening paragraphs if that’s any indication of how your words spoke to my heart ❤️

Lauren Moore

What I wasn’t expecting was just how deeply Lorin would strive to understand what I’m about (and not just my business), and helped weave that in throughout everything we worked on. It’s been like having a part-time partner in my business to bounce ideas off of – which was possible only because she had taken the time to know my brand so intimately.

Jenna Hellberg

Projects I loved

Motherhood photographer logo design and website development
Real estate branding, logo and website design
Floral illustration and digital drawings for life coach for women
Woman's wellness branding and logo design
Business strategist branding and illustration design
Wedding and motherhood photographer branding and logo design
Real estate website design and development on webflow
Life coach branding and strategy
Illustration for menstrual cup woman's wellness brand
Pattern design for business strategist and coach

How it works


This drives so much intimacy and so many AH-HA moments ✨, so that’s where our partnership starts.

It’s a complimentary 30-minute call to find out about you, your business and your goals. This also gives you the chance to get to know me better and decide if we’d be a good fit.

I’ll send you a proposal with options based on our conversation. You choose the one that suits you the best and we get you scheduled on the studio calendar.

Strategy workshop

After you’ve signed the contract and paid your deposit invoice, the first thing on our agenda is a strategy workshop.

We comb through your story, who your people are, why you’re invested in and passionate about what you do and what your vision is.

I distil and refine this into a presentation where we cover your brand story, message and voice and take a detailed look at who your people are.

We workshop this strategy until you feel it’s reflective of you, your values and your purpose and then it lives forever in a (20+) chapter of a brand manual you can reference for years to come!

Creative direction

After we’ve ticked off your strategy, I create a presentation that suggest design details that communicate the brand tone and speak to your audience.

Branding should be good to look at (obviously) and help you reach your goals!  So we’ll explore 2 creative directions and choose one to pursue and refine.


We’ll explore the creative direction and refine it into the most meaningful design solution. Via a screen recording and detailed pdf, this is presented and through the lens of your brand experience rather than standalone brand elements. This helps you understand how your brand would operate and engage in the wild!

Together we review and refine all the elements, the visual story and purpose behind each detail and iterate until we’ve reached the best visual translation of your brand. Something that’s equally delightful for you, the custodian and founder, and your people, the clients and customers that help you reach your goals.


We’ll define the website goals and develop a strategy and flow that’s uniquely you. I’ll either help you write your website copy or do it for you entirely, depending on your preferences.

We marry the copy and branding elements into a design that works as good as it looks. Once the design is approved, we start the development where you have access to the live, staged website as we go along.

Once it’s fully populated and sleek af, we hit publish and you’re live for everyone to see!

Publish & launch

A new brand identity is exciting - but it takes more than pretty logos to make a launch successful. Together we brainstorm how you can launch your new strategy and look to your people in a way that feels good and helps you reach your goals.

This could include marketing support, copywriting for emails and social media, email marketing integration and setup or anything else that might want support with.

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Menstrual cup branding and illustration

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