Get your business in front of the right people sooner.
Like, next week.

Design pop-up week

A week dedicated to creating, refining and delivering everything on your design wishlist.

Book my design week in August for 2000 USD

What if you could


Launch your next offer with a sales page in Webflow, marketing collateral and slides or templates


Send clients to a website that’s as user-friendly as it is stunning, custom built to meet your goals


Brand yourself with thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted logos, assets, fonts and colours

You’d feel confident af marketing your business, right?

And you’d probably get more fab clients or customers along the way.

The Design Pop-up Week is the ideal solution for you

If you want custom design and undivided attention - so you can get your business in front of the right people pretty much immediately.

Swap the weeks-long timelines and back-and-forth of conventional design projects for this high-impact, fast-paced week that doesn’t skimp on quantity — or quality.

Secure my design week in August for 2000 USD
Lorin Galloway brand and website designer for small business with ambition and purpose

This 1:1 design support includes

An online questionnaire that helps me get acquainted with your vision, project goals, what you do and who your people are
A 30-minute call to get granular about your design needs and create an action plan for our week
A list of the images, copy and other content I’ll need for the design pieces
A detailed schedule that outlines the pace and content of our week together
4 days of done-for-you design and text/voice note communication to speed things up
Final file delivery on day 5

Projects I loved

Motherhood photographer logo design and website development
Real estate branding, logo and website design
Floral illustration and digital drawings for life coach for women
Woman's wellness branding and logo design
Business strategist branding and illustration design
Wedding and motherhood photographer branding and logo design
Real estate website design and development on webflow
Life coach branding and strategy
Illustration for menstrual cup woman's wellness brand
Pattern design for business strategist and coach

How it works


Secure your Pop-up week by choosing your preferred start day. You can snag a discounted week in August for 2000 USD and September for 2250 USD.
See availability here →


You’ll receive a virtual hug and welcome pack with all the info you need for our week together. I’ll also send your invoice and contract.

The week before

You’ll submit your questionnaire and we’ll have our 30-minute kick-off call. You’ll send through all the content and copy I’ll need to create perfect designs for you and I’ll send you a detailed schedule of our week together.

The week of

Let’s crack on! I’ll work through your design projects with superhuman speed paired with impeccable quality. We’ll have progress updates and feedback everyday to ensure we’re always moving in the right direction. We’ll round out the week with a special digital delivery of your final files, ready to launch, market and swoon over.

What we can design in a week

Our design schedule is entirely based on your wishlist and needs, but it could include for example

4-page website

Turn users into buyers with a custom-built Webflow website showcasing the best of your offers or products. Or

Brand touchpoints

Create exceptional brand experiences people talk about with on-brand marketing collateral. Or

Sales pack

Sell out your new offer or course with a cohesive look, sales page, slides or templates and marketing materials. Or

Brand identity

Up your brand appeal and awareness while ensuring cohesion with logos, colours, fonts, a pattern and a brand guide.

I don’t make promises lightly.

Quality, always

We’re bulking up on quantity, but not at the expense of quality. I’ll only send you artwork I’m proud to put my name on and feel you would be, too. 


We'll clearly define the goal of your wishlist, so that we're creating the assets you need to reach them, without being weighed down by what you don't.


Playing the experience card to let you know that a decade in the design industry means I’m no stranger to efficient design practices, strategic thinking and killer problem solving. 

Secure my design week in August for 2000 USD

Ready to get more fab clients or customers, next Monday?

From logos, to marketing materials, you’ll start next week armed with brand assets that make you feel confident af marketing your products or offers.

Secure your design pop-up week by selecting your preferred Monday to kick it all off.

Secure my design week in August for 2000 USD

The Design Pop-up Week is priced at 2500 USD. You can snag a 20% discount (2000 USD if paid in August) or a 10% discount (2250 USD if paid in September).


You're excited? But you've got questions!

How much does the design pop-up week cost?

I’m launching these weeks at 2500USD, with a discount available for weeks booked in May and June. Design weeks booked in May qualify for a 20% discount and June a 10% discount. A 50% deposit is required to secure your week and the remainder is due on day 5 the week of.
Your discount applies if you book in August/September for a week in August + 😉

What can we accomplish design-wise in a week?

Quite a bit! I’m all about maximum deliverables during our week together, while maintaining a high design standard. In a week we can
Create a 4 page website on webflow
Create a sales pack for your new product, offer or course, including a sales page (Webflow), slides, templates for workbooks/lookbooks, and marketing materials
Create a mini brand identity with logos, colours, fonts, a pattern and a brand guide
Create on-brand touchpoint templates for your existing brand, like Pinterest and blog graphics, workbooks, brochures, catalogues, postcards and stationery, stickers and labels, onboarding documents, presentations, marketing emails. So your brand can look gorgeous and consistent from first touch to last.
So your brand can look gorgeous and consistent from first touch to last.

What if a week isn’t enough?

If you’re looking for more than we can accomplish in a week, you could book 2 weeks, back to back, or I could recommend a conventional brand and strategy projects. Not sure if we can fit your Wishlist into 1 week? Schedule a call and we can chat through it and figure out how long it would take.
Schedule a call

How long in advance should I book my pop-up week?

To ensure there’s enough time to prepare all the content and copy, I’d recommend not booking your week less than 2 weeks from today. You can see all my available weeks here, and if you’re on a deadline, reach out asap so we can secure your week.

What do I need to prepare and submit for our week together?

Once we’ve gone through your design wishlist and established a detailed schedule of our week, you’ll need to send anything required to make those designs happen. Images, copy, current branding files. If there’s anything outstanding I’ll let you know before the time so we can stick to our schedule.

But you're not in my timezone!!

That's okay. 99% of my clients aren't in the same timezone as me. Our call before our week starts, along with our schedule means that we're staying on track. You'll also have my phone number to send me texts or voice notes for speedy communication and feedback. I also take my calls in the evening on a Tuesday, perfect for your start of day!
Life coach pattern and illustration design with full brandingWedding and motherhood photographer branding and logo design

What your peers have said

Thank you for translating all our thoughts and ideas into this beautiful, well considered strategy. Hand on heart, when I read the introductory magic moment all the tears welled up. It stirred something inside - warmth, nostalgia, family, our girls, sunny days - it feels authentic and special. The essence of Reverie.
Before our discussion with you, we explored ideas around Reverie's vision, values and identity. You probed further, made us think deeper and this strategy reflects that.

Lauren Moore

Lorin has the amazing ability to see straight to the heart of a business and a brand and understand what is really needed to communicate this to your clients.
While working with Lorin, she was incredibly talented at finding ways to showcase the heart of my brand in the most elegant and creative way - not just for future clients, but in a way that allowed me to clearly see it, and feel proud and excited to share it with the world. I'm deeply grateful to her for believing in me and my brand enough to not only make it look beautiful, but to help me believe in it too.

Sophie Smith

Before I started working with Lorin, I felt like my brand was like a bunch of wildflowers I had gathered. She helped me arrange them into a beautiful bouquet through strategy and design that I feel confident in marketing and planning around.

Aimee Burrell

I love the branding, the colours and really appreciate your way with words, taking my heart and turning into something more salesy (in a good way). I love the branding, especially the elements you found in my work. I appreciated the copy you wrote for me and really appreciated your endless patience. I love that you understood me so well. You were also really open to changes I wanted to make to your design, which I appreciated.

Sophie Smith

I feel like it’s not work at all now that I have an intimate map of my brand and the messaging to carry forth. I derive a lot of satisfaction, pleasure, and fulfillment from creating and working on my business and I’m so excited for the coming year.

Beatrice Mangar

THANK YOU! I’m going to send feedback after I’ve had a moment to pour over every section. However, I burst into tears while reading the opening paragraphs if that’s any indication of how your words spoke to my heart ❤️

Lauren Moore

What I wasn’t expecting was just how deeply Lorin would strive to understand what I’m about (and not just my business), and helped weave that in throughout everything we worked on. It’s been like having a part-time partner in my business to bounce ideas off of – which was possible only because she had taken the time to know my brand so intimately.

Jenna Hellberg