Beatrice Mangar

Beatrice supports women in moving past the rules society imposes on them by teaching them how to recognise their values and refine their actions to follow their calling through her life coaching programmes.

Our goal was to design a branding experience that makes women feel inspired and powerful as they search for a life coach who can help them refine and share their story through their values and actions in a way that is aligned to their truest self.To develop a brand that is elegant, aspirational and courageous with a focus on elevating everyday details and moments.

So we started with strategy workshops to identify the heart behind the brand and refine a brand story and message that we can share through visual design. We created a brand standard for copy, messaging and a tagline that could capture the essence of what Beatrice does through her coaching services. We also worked her values of slow and meaningful living through her imagery, while anchoring everything in small and mighty details that elevate the standard into beautiful.

We got clarity on her functional and emotional benefits and how they play into her vision for herself and her clients, understanding how all of those are connected to her purpose.

We then created a robust graphic library filled with logos, patterns, illustrations, textures and tagline graphics to ensure she has everything she needs to market herself in digital and print applications. We also created templates in Canva so she can create gorgeous documents and social media posts on the fly. We rounded it out with an html email signature, postcard designs, YouTube thumbnails and gift tags.


Aspirational / Elegant / Encouraging / Gracious / Poised

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What they said

I’m still so elated and excited about the whole project. Thank you for giving it your all. Lorin!!!! 🤩  You are just as obsessed as I am!!! I am in awe of the designs and how much of YOU and SOUL and HEART you’re putting into this brand. Aaaaaaaaaah thank you so much. I am happy with everything. Just SO SAD it is coming to an end (I was thinking yesterday I want to work with you FOR LIFE).

Taking the time to sit back and reflect in a personal and truly intentional manner about my business and then coming out of this with a solid and easy-to-understand brand strategy from you gives me wings! I know I can confidently step forward, and soar to the heights I want to go to, and dream of. It makes it less daunting, and I can see part of the path ahead more clearly.

I feel it’s helped me obtain the clarity I was seeking - so many ideas and words, that can be sometimes distracting and overwhelming when they’re scattered in my head. The brand strategy not only gives me confidence about where to go, but also gives me an indication of how to go about it, the exact steps to follow.

Thank you Lorin, you’re the world’s best hidden gem. I want to shout to everyone I know who needs brand strategy and design about you!!

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