Elpis Real Estate Boutique

Elpis Real Estate Boutique provides residential real estate solutions to individuals and families entering a new season of their lives so that they feel cared for, pampered and supported.

Our goal was to design a branding experience that makes people feel inspired and hopeful as they search for real estate solutions that are bespoke, make their ease a priority and will support them as they craft the next season of their lives. To develop a brand identity that is exciting, approachable and friendly with a focus on inspiring hope and fostering community.

strategy workshops to fully understand the vision Aimee has for Elpis and how we can support that vision through careful messaging and design. We established the buyers and sellers she wants to partner with, what they value and what they're looking for in an agent. We also determined what agents she wants to attract to her boutique as she expands her team in the coming years.

We got to the core of how they do things differently, as real estate agents, and how it's intrinsically linked to their story of hope. We expanded on their values to understand what exactly they mean for their agents and how they're experienced by their clients. We set up brand voice and messaging standards to support content creation and copywriting that's aligned to their communication goals.

We then developed a visual identity with luxury and energy at the heart of the creative direction. The logo mark is a window-inspired illustration that holds the E, without shouting about its existence. It frames it while drawing it into itself: a window to the future; an opening of opportunity. It's paired with custom type for the word mark and retains great legibility in smaller sizes.

We expanded on this to create an extensive graphic library of submarks, tagline, textures, patterns and illustrative elements.

Then we turned to website design and development to create an exceptional brand experience online, that held the clean and crisp feel of a professional service, while incorporating small and rich details which make it feel welcoming and personal. The website is developed through and hosted on Webflow, with multiple collections cross referenced throughout to ensure they can search agents, properties and counties against each other.


Personal / Caring / Advisory / Conscious / Mindful

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What they said

Before I started working with Lorin, I felt like my brand was like a bunch of wildflowers I had gathered. She helped me arrange them into a beautiful bouquet through strategy and design that I feel confident in marketing and planning around.

Having a clear sense of the community we serve and how we wish to serve them has been liberating. It’s easier to make decisions in and for Elpis Real Estate Boutique because the who and how is our litmus test. Because I understand our business so deeply I am able to accept or decline ideas and offers based on how well it fits our brand’s messaging and vision.

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