Maika Endo

Maika Endo helps freelancers, aspiring and newly established entrepreneurs and business owners in the therapeutic industries build a business bigger than themselves by helping them holistically streamline their work habits and systems and implement a simplified and easy-to-action marketing strategy so that they feel confident, empowered and calm in their business and life. 

Our goal was to design a branding experience that makes entrepreneurs and business owners in the therapeutic industries feel empowered, calm and supported as they search for holistic strategy and system solutions that are focused on developing clarity, streamlined processes and elevating their mindset. To develop a brand identity that is calm, supportive and resourceful, with a focus on simplicity, clarity and taking action.

So we started with taking a deep look at what her goals were, what you envisioned for her business and why she was so passionate about it. We outlined the creative direction for the design to embody nature-inspired colours, a bright turquoise reminiscent of Turkey's (where she lives and works) culture and sea. We knew we wanted to leverage the healing tone of the greens, and balance it out with optimistic and playful oranges.

I first designed the logo and monogram, which is rooted in classic type styles and then rolled out a full brand library including multiple illustrations and patterns featuring foliage, styles of Japanese origin and representation of 'women-of-the-world' and diversity. We also included a tagline design that can be used alongside the logo.

The brand experience includes a workbook template for her in-person and online workshops, a name card, Pinterest and Instagram graphics templates and slides to share while hosting online training.


Resourceful / Calm / Uncluttered / Personal / Harmony

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