Determine value-aligned direction, breathe more of yourself into your brand messaging, and experience growth in your business as you define it.

Brand strategy and messaging for business owners who want to share their story in a way that lands with the right people while feeling true to their purpose and vision.

For those of us that want the confidence, clarity and direction that comes with leaning into our messy middles. Those spaces where our lives and the businesses we’ve built to support them overlap. The spaces that require different roles, and your energy and attention ebb and flow like the tide between them.

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I mean, you can have and experience that with or without me (or anyone else!).

You're resourceful and creative af and I have no doubt you'd be able to DIY your brand strategy and come out the other side with a brand story and message that resonates with you and your people. After all, no one knows you better than you.

But, you might be tired of going it alone (I did it for years and it was  tougher than I had anticipated). Or you want guidance and support all in one place. Or maybe you just want to get it off your plate so that you can realign your priorities.

Or maybe you want someone to facilitate this deeper connection with yourself and your people, leaning into the intimacy you're looking for in your business and life.

No matter what brought you here, know that I don't believe in one-size-fits-all approaches, for business or life.

Having a business is like sharing this vulnerable part of yourself with the world over and over again and these strategy services are here to help you feel confident in all of it while getting your message and story in front of the right people (for you) sooner.

I value your agency and autonomy and won't push a mould or formula that doesn't honour your unique circumstance, values and experience.

Instead, I'm invested in you developing a robust confidence in your message and a clear and deep understanding of who your people are. All while being supported and guided through this journey of intimacy in a safe space founded on understanding, self-compassion and acceptance.

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What my clients are saying

I was a little bit of a lost soul working with whatever I could during these times. I knew something was lacking. Direction, fulfillment, purpose. With guided support and a safe space to unpack my thoughts I have gained clarity, a vision, a new goal. Maybe also a new dream. Allowing myself to lean into a new purpose and now I'm taking baby steps to dive right out of my comfort zone and into something that scares the hell out of me, but also excites me to the core.

Thank you a million times for holding this space for me and giving me the opportunity to have YOU hold my hand through it all.


What I wasn't expecting was just how deeply Lorin would strive to understand what I'm about (and not just my business), and helped weave that in throughout everything we worked on.
Lorin has a way of distilling everything I share about my business and life into thoughtful words and concepts, which has made me feel more confident in talking about what I do and what I'm passionate about.

It's been like having a part-time partner in my business to bounce ideas off of – which was possible only because she had taken the time to know my brand so intimately.


Before I started working with Lorin, I felt like my brand was like a bunch of wildflowers I had gathered. She helped me arrange them into a beautiful bouquet through strategy and design that I feel confident in marketing and planning around. Having a clear sense of the community we serve and how we wish to serve them has been liberating. It’s easier to make decisions in and for Elpis Real Estate Boutique because the who and how is our litmus test. Because I understand our business so deeply I am able to accept or decline ideas and offers based on how well it fits our brand’s messaging and vision.

Oh hiiiii! That's me, Lorin.

Red wine appreciator, amateur gardener and the voice and heart behind everything here.

I hold space for and facilitate journeys of intimacy for business owners who want more connection, meaning, and clarity and less rules, formulas and lost-in-the-crowd brand stories in their businesses and lives.

All of which is built on developing intimacy with yourself and your people, so that you can experience confidence, understanding and direction led by your values and purpose.

A strategy that honours you — your individuality, your vision, your life and what you want growth and success to look like.

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