Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky is an all-inclusive menstrual health brand that aims to support humans who menstruate understand and enjoy their cycles, focusing on education through community workshops, a cycle-tracking app and menstrual products like discs and cups.

Our goal was to create a brand experience that makes people who menstruate feel welcome and understood, supporting them in understanding their cycle and caring for their hormonal and physical health with long-lasting and reusable menstrual products and community workshops and trainings.

This personal project from 2019 started with the idea of a menstrual product brand that was all inclusive and didn't shy away from being bold and straight forward — a brand and message I'd love to see available in South Africa where period poverty is a very real issue facing our communities. I rolled the concept out into a customised logo design, and paired it with brand assets that could create a rich and comprehensive experience. I designed a custom illustration to be paired with the logo and embellish digital and print marketing materials. I also edited this to become a repeat pattern that can be used as a background element. The type hierarchy is a blend of warm and bold, with the used of the rich colours and large font sizes. I created an experience that included website design, app UI design and luxury packaging options. The mockups help you experience how the brand and its message come together to share a story through the use of colour, type, copy and design elements.


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