Lorin Galloway strategist and designer for small business owners

You have ambition and purpose

Now you need to get yourself in front of the right people, and feel confident in your message and vision for your business?

I support you with intimate design and websites to make that happen, faster.

Intimate branding and websites for small business with ambition and purposeLorin Galloway brand and website designer for small business with ambition and purpose

But, like, who am I?

Heyyy! I’m Lorin Galloway.

Red wine enthusiast, amateur vegetable gardener, mom to an adventurous 5 year old, whippet lover with a thing for ginger cats and Cape Town local who loves the ocean.

I absolutely make purchases based on packaging, love a passionate conversation and will try just about anything at least once. Unless that anything is Very High Up then I won’t.

I’m also the voice and heart behind this studio, working with business owners who are passionate, motivated and excited to share their stories in a more intimate, meaningful and delightful way.

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With a passionate appreciation for all things visual, I did my BFA at UCT majoring in printmaking which left me with a wonderfully unemployable skillset but a killer knack for learning, problem solving and adapting.

So I threw those together and used the fundamentals of art to teach myself graphic design. I went on to design product and gifting packaging for some of our leading South African retailers, which is where all that print knowledge came in super handy.

I worked at a wedding and event stationery studio, where I got to flex a lot of creativity and learn a lot about entrepreneurship from the owner.

I started freelancing in 2015 and within a year I’d discovered my love for branding and launched myself as Freckled Design Studio into the infantile realm of online entrepreneurship.

And the rest, as they say, is … no wait, it’s actually quite relevant.

No more same-same

In my frantic efforts to understand how this online business thing worked, I lost myself in the sea of sameness. I just kept looking outward, following the lead of my peers. Modelling my offers, opt-ins, marketing strategies and website on theirs because it looked like theirs was working.

And I wanted mine to work too.

I spent a year searching for value and superimposing it on what I was creating, writing, doing. When I should have been getting intimate with myself — my message, voice and vision for my business — and creating my own value.

So that’s what I did and it changed my relationship with my business (and clients).

You deserve to have that too.

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Lorin Galloway branding and websites for small businesses with heart

So why do you need me?

Well, you don’t *need* me. You can DIY your brand strategy and design because you’re resourceful af.

I’m here to help you do it faster, experience more support and facilitate your intimate understanding of your brand and your people.
Armed with a graphic library carefully curated and thoughtfully designed brand assets and marketing materials.

Over the last 5 years I’ve developed and refined a unique branding process with intimacy at its heart: a process that honours you, your experiences, your values and your vision for your life and business.

So that you can run your business with confidence, knowing you can get fab clients without sacrificing any part of who you are while reaching success as you define it for yourself.

And most certainly never disappear into the sea of sameness in your industry.

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Projects I loved

Motherhood photographer logo design and website development
Real estate branding, logo and website design
Floral illustration and digital drawings for life coach for women
Woman's wellness branding and logo design
Business strategist branding and illustration design
Wedding and motherhood photographer branding and logo design
Real estate website design and development on webflow
Life coach branding and strategy
Illustration for menstrual cup woman's wellness brand
Pattern design for business strategist and coach

I love supporting you bring confidence, clarity and growth to a business already filled with so much meaning and love.

What do you think — you fancy that too?

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Pssst. You should know

I am a fierce feminist and believe that human rights are not a zero sum game. Black lives matter, you don’t need to have been born with a vagina to be a woman, all gender expressions are beautiful, all bodies are equal and deserve to take up space, sex work is real work and you absolutely should have the vaccine if your health allows you to.