I believe we deserve more connection, confidence, and growth in the ways we value, individually.

Hiiiii! I'm Lorin.

My pronouns are she/her and I live for intimate stories. The story of who we are, how we got here and where we want to go. How we're connected to people, our communities and the world. How we're connected to ourselves. And I especially love the story where all of these overlap to create our messy middles.

The spaces where our roles are blurred, and our energy has to flow like the tide between each part of what makes our lives whole. The space where everything is connected and inseparable, like you and your business.

Not because you don't have boundaries, but because your business is born out of your story. And it's become a fierce part of your identity, so intrinsically linked to you, your journey of healing or your season of change.

You have them already — those intimate stories. They're inside of you.

And I’m really good at helping you not only discover them, but piece them back together in a way that just makes sense, feels fucking right and looks gorgeous.

So that you can lead with a brand message that connects with your people, a brand experience that's equally delightful and meaningful, and a brand strategy that's reflective of your individuality.

So that you can get more fab clients without sacrificing your vision or values.

What started as a way out of a toxic work environment turned into an ongoing experience that stretched, challenged, and grew me in ways I hadn't realised possible. And I still feel the stretch, pull, discomfort, excitement. I feel the growth and the fear and the ‘wtf do I do next’.

Because in the last 5 years I have learnt more about myself and my resilience than in any season that prefaced it.

I experienced heartbreak and anger and anxiety at the push-pull of running a business, mothering, being a woman in general along the multitude of roles I fulfil daily.

I was tired of the fight for my resources, tired of the survival mode and business rules and keeping up with what everyone else appeared to be doing.

I was just fucking tired.

So I began a slow and progressive leaning-in to my messy middles. I had a desire to have a business that was intrinsic to my life, my parenting, my self care and self love. Pursuing harmony in the ebb and flow of each part of myself — each part of my life. And acccepting, without self-judgement, that my business, my purpose, is such a fierce and inseparable part of who I am and how I move myself through the world.

And in this season of deeper intimacy and pleasure, of growth as I defined it for myself, of looking inward rather than outward to create value for myself I rediscovered my voice and then helped my branding clients do the same.

And found purpose in supporting business owners bring confidence, clarity and growth to businesses that are already filled with so much meaning and love, through intimate strategy and design.

And if that's what you want for yourself, I'm here for all of it.

We can co-create strategyAnd we can design brand experiences together

Outside of work?

I'm in my vegetable garden, out at the park with Finley, cooking, having indoor dance breaks (Finn's got a solid 2000's rock + indie education already!), at barre or lamenting the fact that I recycled that bottle of cab sav I enjoyed so much before taking a picture of it and now I can't remember what it is so I'll never be able to enjoy it again.

I am a fierce feminist and believe that human rights are not a zero sum game. Black lives matter, you don't need a vagina to be a woman, all bodies are equal and deserve to take up space.

I like slow and meaningful and look forward to the day I can cook dinner while paying full attention to what I'm doing and burn less onions.

Always pursuing harmony over balance.

Where to next?

Why don't you check out my free masterclass on getting more fab clients? It's 15-minutes and packed pretty full of grate advice on defining who those clients are.

Watch it here
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