Let's be honest. You're fucking amazing at what you do.

You and your clients know that.

And still, you feel a jumble of words rising in your throat when you try to explain what you do, what amazing results working with you provides and exactly how they benefit your clients? Or maybe you feel like everything that guides your marketing and communication aren't really reflecting who you are and what you value? Or a lack of confidence and pride in how the brand experience you've created looks and feels, and whether it's even reaching the right kinds of people: your people?

And still, you don't have as many amazing clients as you need for your business to support your dreams they way you want it to?

You started your own business because you've got so much value, yes, but also so because what you do is such a fierce part of your identity and born out of your story or experiences.

And you chose to share this vulnerable extension of yourself with the world, over and over again. There's so much beauty and power in that.

Do you still feel?

Bound by the rules and formulas that are sold to you within the online business space?
Like your brand is lost in the sea of sameness and that nothing is really setting you apart from your peers?
That you have to sacrifice your vision and values just to get some (not-even-that-great) clients?
Not too confident in who great clients are outside of generalised demographics that don't help your marketing efforts at all?
You aren't experiencing the growth that you'd hoped for?

Business is hard to do alone, then add in having to become a marketing expert, brand designer, accountant and copywriter too, when all you actually wanted to do was what you specialise in.

And I know you can DIY your brand strategy and design and website and do it well, because you're resourceful af.

My services are intended to help you do it with more ease, guidance and support so you can get your message and marketing in front of the right people, sooner.

And get more fab clients.

Hey! Hi! I'm Lorin.

I create intimate brand strategy, beautiful visual branding and rocking 'from-scratch' websites for business owners who want more clarity, confidence and growth and less rules, formulas and lost-in-the-crowd brand voices. So that they can have the business they dream of having.

I support my clients

Understand what results they provide, so they can speak to the emotional benefits clients experience, not just marketing the details of they do.
Know who exactly they want to work with and build offers and brand messaging around those people.
Develop exceptional brand experiences that get spoken about (hello, referrals, we love you!).
With thoughtful and meaningful design solutions that help them achieve their business goals
Create websites that stand out from the crowd and convey all the delightful intricacies of who you are and what you do

My clients have said

What I wasn’t expecting was just how deeply Lorin would strive to understand what I’m about (and not just my business), and helped weave that in throughout everything we worked on. It’s been like having a part-time partner in my business to bounce ideas off of – which was possible only because she had taken the time to know my brand so intimately.

Jenna Hellberg
Brand strategy
I do this because

I love supporting you bring confidence, clarity and growth to businesses already filled with so much meaning and love

I didn't always live for intimate stories. The story of our experiences, how we arrived at where we are and looking to where we want to go. How we're connected to people, our communities and the world. How we're connected to ourselves.

And where all of those overlap to create the story of who we are.

When I started my business 6 years ago, I realised quickly that running my own show was vastly different to working in the design studios I had before. No longer was I just doing 'my' work — I also had to market myself, convert leads, build a website, figure out Pinterest and Instagram and create on-boarding documents I'd never known existed.

I was hungry to figure it out so I hoarded free PDFs that promised growth or clarity, I signed up for endless webinars, and I looked to my peers: the other young women just starting design businesses around the time I was.

But, I didn’t just look. I peered and snooped and … became. I lost myself in the sea of sameness because I was just looking out, the whole time. I didn't take a second to listen to myself — I was too busy listening to them.

Then I modeled my offerings, my opt-ins, my website, my voice, my values on what they were doing, because it looked like it was working for them. And I wanted mine — my business and dream — to work too.

A personal turning point in this story aligns with a personal time of change after my son was born. As a result of many things that relate to business, life and society, I was angry and anxious and tired af.

I knew I couldn’t foster any sustainability with what I had at the time. So much inside of me had shifted with my new season, and so much of how I viewed the world and moved myself through it had, too. The postpartum fog (along with a sprinkling of necessity) invited more critical thinking and allowed me to take a moment, step back and really evaluate.

I saw that I had spent over a year looking out, trying to find value and superimpose it on what I was creating, writing, doing.

When all I really wanted and everything I should have been doing was looking in to create value for myself.

I started by getting intimate with myself: what I value, believe in and want. Then I moved focus to my business and got intimate with what I really wanted to do, what I really brought to the table in such a noisy industry, who I wanted to work with and how I wanted to make them feel.

And relished in the realisation that who I am and what my purpose is so intertwined, one constantly informing the other, there was no way I could view and treat them as 2 separate entities.

This allowed me to stop chasing the highly sought after but never achieved work-life balance and opt for finding harmony. Honouring an ebb and flow between my roles and responsibilities, while liberating myself from the frustration of over compartmentalising my life, parenting, relationships, marriage, work.

I took the same values and beliefs into my work and developed a unique process with intimacy at its heart: a process that honours who you are, what experiences have informed your work, what you truly value and what the vision for your business looks like. It seeped into understanding your people intimately too, so that we aren't just strategising and designing for you, but for the longevity of your business by ensuring we're connecting your brand message with the right people.

And that's what I've been doing, refining, and evolving for the last 4 years.

So you can run your business with pride, knowing you can get fab clients without sacrificing any part of who you are while reaching success as you define it for yourself.

See how we can work together

My friends know

When I'm not at my desk, I'm in my vegetable garden, out at the park with Finley, cooking, having indoor dance breaks, at barre or agonising over not having taken a picture of that beautiful shiraz before I recycled the bottle.

I am a fierce feminist and believe that human rights are not a zero sum game.

Black lives matter, you don't need to have been born with a vagina to be a woman, all gender expressions are beautiful, all bodies are equal and deserve to take up space, sex work is real work and you absolutely should have the vaccine if your health allows you to.

Oh, and fuck the patriarchy.

I like slow and meaningful and look forward to the day I can cook dinner while paying full attention to what I'm doing and just burn less bloody onions.

Always pursuing harmony over balance, deep conversations and equity.

Where to next?

Why don't you download a copy of my Brand Messaging Checklist?

Grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine ;) ) and find out what small and impactful changes you can make this week to start getting more (fab) clients. Or find out more about it here.

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