Design proposal

Hesmarie Marx / Berry Lady Hermanus

Monday 9 October 2023

Project goal

To create an eye-catching, refined and accessible brand identity for your frozen berry business with the primary focus on generating sales, increasing your customer based and inspiring would-be buyers to place orders. We'll ensure design longevity and easy of use and keep in mind scalability as we build out a few marketing templates and a micro strategy framework.

Project details

We'll develop a visual brand for your frozen berry business that encourages an enticing experience for customers and viewers and easy content creation for you. The brand strategy will help guide your growth and content as you continue to build your business toward your goals.

All logos and illustrations will be delivered in jpg, png and eps files so they'll work in every application. Brand strategy and visual branding delivered as PDF for you to keep handy when creating content to help guide your visual and written brand experience.

We'll create a

Projects I worked on and loved

Motherhood photographer logo design and website development
Real estate branding, logo and website design
Floral illustration and digital drawings for life coach for women
Woman's wellness branding and logo design
Business strategist branding and illustration design
Wedding and motherhood photographer branding and logo design
Real estate website design and development on webflow
Life coach branding and strategy
Illustration for menstrual cup woman's wellness brand
Pattern design for business strategist and coach

Project timeline

Week 1

Understand and implement

We'll define the creative direction for your brand and start iterating some branding concepts to refine

Week 2

Refine and propose

We'll refine those branding concepts through the lens of the full brand experience (which means we'll design marketing materials and logos together) and then shoot through a proposal of 2 design ideas that meet the goals of the project.

Week 3

Finalise and send off

After designs are approved and refined you'll get a digital brand package delivered with everything you need to be the custodian of your own brand.

Project budget

(R8000 - R3000 discount)


We can add project tasks that fall beyond the scope outlined here and charge at an hourly rate of R500/hour. These could include marketing consultations or additional design work as needed.

Payment Plan Details:

Payment can be split in 3 separate payments:

R1500 at start of project

R1500/month for 2 months following start of project and

R500 worth of product delivered to Franskraal at catalogue price

If you're happy to move forward

with the project as outlined in this proposal, click this button and hit send on the email it prompts. Once I receive it I'll start preparing the contract, invoice and schedule our project. I'll also book a call or chat message day to go over some finer details of the creative direction.

If you'd like to see some changes in the project goal or scope, or want to discuss something further shoot me an email and we can schedule another call.

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