4 steps for meaning, connection and clarity

Here are 4 steps to help you replace cookie cutter approaches in business with more meaning, connection and clarity to help you govern how you do business and life.
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You’re allowed to desire more connection, meaning and clarity in your life and business.

I know the online business space can feel like it doesn't care about humans, or seem to honour our individual pace, abilities, mental and emotional landscape. If you've noticed that and felt disillusioned or disappointed, it wasn't you. And if you wanted more out of it, you have every right to.

We value intimacy so much in other areas of our lives. With a partner/partners, family, children. Small intimate moments that encourage acceptance, understanding and vulnerability. So it makes sense we'd value that for ourselves and our business too. Because those businesses are, in essence, a vulnerable extension of ourselves. That we publish and share with the world again and again.

And when our businesses are so closely tied to our stories (what they're born of), our purpose (finding and creating meaning in what we do and who we do it for) and our values (the beliefs that guide our goals, decisions and actions) we're entitled to walk away from formulas, one-size-fits-all approaches and frameworks that are rigid.

But, if we do, what do we replace them with? I can't tell you for certain, because you get to decide for yourself what rules you'll use or create for yourself to govern how you do business and life. But I can tell you that you can use your own definition of success to establish them.

So, here's a quick exercise for you today, if you'd like to cultivate more connection, meaning and clarity:

  1. Write out what you do, as clearly as possible. What result do you provide? How is it tangible? How is it emotional?
  2. Write out who you work with. How would you sum up your people, without diving into demographics?
  3. Write out what you believe in. What are the guideposts of your work, your processes? What forms the basis for the results those people get when working with you?
  4. Journal around what a successful business and life look like to you. Consider it now, in the near future, and the further-away future? What does it feel like? What does it entail? What do you experience as a result of that success?

If you clearly define those 4 points for yourself, you have a solid, and empowering, foundation on which to direct yourself in your business. It can be used for goal-setting (more about that here — plus a free template!), for marketing purposes, for fleshing out your offers or products, for curating a brand experience. And for creating your own rules, to govern how you want to do business.

And, most importantly, it's a big part of getting intimate with yourself and your business, which allows you to connect with clients and grow in the ways you want it to. And that's amazing.

If you went through those steps and want to chat about any parts of it with me, I’m inviting you to book a free 30-minute call and we can talk through any challenges, questions and frustrations you might feel.

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Free worksheet download

To help you replace cookie-cutter approaches in your business, I've added these 4 steps to a worksheet for you. Grab it here.


4 steps for meaning, connection and clarity
4 steps for meaning, connection and clarity
4 steps for meaning, connection and clarity
4 steps for meaning, connection and clarity

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