Create a fun goal-setting ritual

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And make goal-setting fun again! If, like me, you also never used to set goals or just feel tired of the term in general, here’s a new way for you to set value-based goals and clearly define the actions you can take to reach them.
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What's your relationship with goals?  

Ugh, for me even the word feels tired.

I feel like the social spaces we kind of live our businesses in have given me so much language fatigue. Which in turn has led me to simply throw some things in the bin. Like zone of genius. Conventional marketing tactics. And goal-setting.

But the joy comes when you realise you don’t have to go with the flow here. Or anywhere actually.

And what I mean is, we get to say what those things mean for ourselves, what they could look like and how we could implement them in our lives. Acknowledging we are complex humans with varying resources, ability, circumstance and environments. So we don’t have to follow along with this one-size-fits all methodology. We don’t have to follow the rules because the rules weren’t actually made to help us.

So, if you’re feeling fatigued with all of this too but know that you would benefit immensely from establishing what you want in and from your life and business (all of us 🙌), this goal-setting practice can be a great starting point for you.

Let’s start by doing a quick brain dump of what you want to feel and hold in your future. Anything at all. Just a bullet-listed dream for your life and the business that supports it.

Why are those things important to you? What experiences are they born out of? What would getting there mean to you?

Next, how can you break them down into do-able sections and tasks? For you, what would be involved in the journey meeting that goal? What do you need to accomplish? What support do you need? Where can you find that support and who can you enlist to provide it?

Writing out a full list here, getting into every detail, is so helpful in establishing a realistic timeline for yourself, as well as drawing some lines around things you can release yourself from (simply not needing to do them; removing the pressure you’re putting on yourself).

It is also extremely valuable in establishing what success would look like to you. You could even define certain milestones along the way, feeling success within yourself at points you’ve decided are worth celebrating.

Establish checkpoints for yourself, in a rotation that feels manageable. How often can you schedule 10 minutes to reflect on your actions, measure your progress and acknowledge success and celebrate yourself? What could this self-accountability do for your self image? And your confidence in your ability to reach your goals?

Like I said, one-size-fits-all approaches belong in the bin, so don’t use this as that. Use it as a trigger to consider what goal-setting could look like for you. Use it to spark a love for celebrating yourself and honouring your resources while still seeking support where you need it.

Free goal-setting template

To help you, I'm sharing the template I use to set goals so you can use it as a launchpad as you write your own rules around success and goal setting.
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Create a fun goal-setting ritual

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