Thulisa Naturals

Thulisa Naturals crafts natural and safe beauty and bathroom products for women so that they feel calm and replenished and are empowered to cultivate mindful self-love rituals that promote balance and restoration.

Our goal was to create a brand experience that makes women feel calm and replenished as they search for beauty and bathroom products that are natural and safe and help them create mindful daily rituals. We wanted to create an experience that felt peaceful, accessible and fun, with a focus on create mindful practices, using the time you have.

So we started by leveraging the idea of self-care but elevating it into something ritual-based that you could fit in to your daily schedule and routines. We looked at who Anusha's dream customers where, what they wanted and how they wanted to feel everyday.

We first designed the logo to reflect a clean and calm aesthetic, while being subtle enough that the brand elements on the packaging can shine brightly. We moved on to packaging which incorporated a bright custom drawn terrazzo pattern and utilised the brand colours to differentiate between the collections of products.

We extended the range often, adding gift bundles, seasonal shower steamer scents, soaps and bathroom accessories like soap dishes.

We redesigned the Shopify website to reflect the brand, while creating a user experience that felt clean and fun, without being busy or overwhelming.

All of these brand assets come together on her social media content too, as we create monthly visual and written content for her Instagram and Pinterest.


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