Colour crush / Q4 2021

My nature-inspired, energising colour palette, perfect for nourishing, assertive and wellness focused small-batch businesses. You can download the colour palette for free at the bottom.
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It's not just enough to love a curated collection of colours: I also have to know how they can function and thrive together to create an outstanding brand experience.

So, while I want to share this colour palette with your (that you can totally steal for your own DIY brand, of course!), I also want to give you a use case for how these colours can work together in type, layout and pattern.

I write a lot more about colours in this post and also share a solid 24 palettes for you to use in your next project here. Go grab those too, and read up about how to create a perfectly balanced colour story for your brand.

Use case

So, to give the colour palette some life and love, I designed a brand experience for a curly hair shampoo brand that I would love to find on the shelf at my pharmacy.

It would make sense for this business that we create a durable digital and print presence, through social media, website and packaging, and encourage repeat visits to digital platforms they're active on. One way we can do this is to create a tutorials collection that lives outside of YouTube or Instagram, encouraging customers to return to the site often by updating them. They could also encourage repeat orders by offering a subscription service for quarterly delivery. The social media and email marketing efforts would promote this, leading to return website visitors.

Brand assets

To keep the brand fun, energetic and minimal, I focused on type, clean layouts, photography and a wavy pattern. The brand colours were used to differentiate the different 'steps' or product categories, and in a real life application, the brand palette would be wider to accommodate more categories.

Copy was kept a nice rich black on the litter backgrounds, and a crisp white on the darker colours. The palette offers enough contrast for the accent colours to be used on the primary bold and neutral colours, which allows for a lot of play in pattern and layout for marketing materials.

Minimal paint-style textures were used in brand colours for added visual interest and as a nod to the rich texture of the products for digital-only applications.

You can see all the ways this nature-inspired colour palette was used to create a fun and clean brand experience, while telling the story of balance, growth and confidence.

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Free download

Want to use this colour palette in your own branding or creative project? You can download it here for free, along with a collage of the mockups to inspire your DIY branding!


Colour crush / Q4 2021
Colour crush / Q4 2021
Colour crush / Q4 2021
Colour crush / Q4 2021

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