A clarity exercise when you’ve got too many ideas

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Use these 4 prompts to help you turn those noisy voices into something that makes sense and makes you feel excited, not overwhelmed! You can grab the free worksheet too, perfect for your monthly CEO dates with yourself.
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Real quick, how many ideas, thoughts or even voices do you have banging around in your head right now?

It can be overwhelming when your mind is full of noisy words, giving you no clear direction to take to get any of them done. And, after a long, warm hug from someone you love but haven’t been able to see in a really long time, I feel like we all want a bit more clarity and direction right about now. Because with clarity comes confidence who brings along her sisters growth and profitability ✨

So I wanted to walk you through 4 quick ways you can do that for yourself, to quiet those words, to give shape and form to ideas and moving forward or gaining momentum feel a bit more achievable.

So grab a notebook or bookmark this post for later when you can set aside 10 minutes for yourself and some internal work and let’s get clarity and direction.

What is your big dream for your business?

Don’t think long and hard. Just list off what’s involved in the big dreams you have for your business. What shape does it take? What does it feel like? What are you doing? Who are you working with?

What do you want your community to feel when they interact with you?

Now how do you want those people, your people, to feel? What emotions do you want them to experience?

What do you want to be known for?

This could be what you do, your unique process, your philosophies or simply how you move yourself through the world. Your persona. When someone you’ve worked with (now or in the future) thinks of you, what do you want to pop into their minds immediately following your name?

Create goals.

We need to be giving ourselves space to dream up goals, write them down and make achieving them infinitely more possible. When we have vague ideas of what we want but don’t actively write them out and give them the time and space they deserve, we don’t work towards them. Not because we don’t want to — we just usually don’t remember to.

So out of those 3 points, what goals come to mind? As a bonus, you can download a goal-setting template here to help you dream and action!

Phew. Feel less noisy in there now? Mine does 😅

Can you hop over to Instagram and tell me what you clarified those voices into (this is your invitation to slide into my DMs 😉)? I’d really love to support you in your journey of business confidence and growth.

Free worksheet download

Grab this clarity worksheet which is perfect for your monthly CEO dates with yourself. It's got a bonus prompt ;)
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A clarity exercise when you’ve got too many ideas

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