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Grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine? 🤭) and learn how to captivate more clients with me.

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I created this class for you if

  • Your marketing and messaging isn’t converting into paying clients
  • You don’t feel confident in why your offers matter to your people
  • You’re not reaching your financial and non-financial goals
  • You want to connect with your people in a more human way and build better, more lasting connections
  • You can’t accommodate their hesitations around working with you because you don’t understand what they are
  • You want someone to hold your hand and guide you through a process that can be feel muddy and confusing
  • You want to feel confident in your brand messaging so that copywriting, marketing and creating offers feels exciting
  • You can dedicate 15 minutes to the training and around 30 minutes to implementing it.

I get that, because I’ve been there. And it’s not so much a destination as an ongoing journey. Which is why I believe we all deserve the tools to continually develop this understanding and intimacy.

You keen for that? It's only 15 minutes!

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