Design concept proposal

Hesmarie Marx / Berry Lady Hermanus

Thursday 11 January2024


The original concept was edited to lose the retro feel the sun and colour palette brought. We've replaced the sun illustration with a nature inspired circular icon in moonlike style as shared with your preferences. This can read as leaves or a sun, an energetic burst symbolising energy and warmth. I still feel representing fruit within the logo is taking the longecvity of the business into account and can be read as quite banal.

The font used and refined in the logo has been updated to a more clear and clean option, with a hunt of fun. I was inspired to move in this direction from the imagery you shared, and while a couple had minimal sans serif style fonts, the image I'm referencing had a thicker font with more personality. The word mark, as mentioned, should remain quite legible in a smaller format so this is the reason we've not gone for a thin sans serif as seen in your examples.

Alongside some brand strategy, a bright, fun and youthful brand identity was created, making use of bright fruit-inspired colours, fresh design styles and energetic layouts. This design is being presented through the lens of your customers, and how they'll interact with your brand through the digital spaces of WhatsApp and Facebook has been taken into account to design a logo that works well in smaller scales, layouts that read well as phone images and a thumbnail that is eye catching.