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Brand Strategy Sessions

A comprehensive 1:1 strategy programme that starts with intimacy, just like everything else here.

This is not a coaching programme. It’s a completely done-for-you, 4-week strategy journey that’s deep and exciting. It lays the foundation for a brand that connects with the right people — your people.

We travel inward, unpack your story and refine your message to create the most aligned, natural and fun strategy. And most importantly, strategy that’s easy to use and implement in your real-life business.

Intimacy is understanding where you are, why you’re there and where you want to go.
Chances are, you value intimacy in all other areas of your life, even if that’s not what you think of it as. Intimate moments, conversations and actions with your partner/s. Intimate time with your kids and family, your friends. Time spent really getting to know them and sharing your most vulnerable self too.

But when last have you thought of intimacy with yourself outside of self-pleasure? Or even self-care?

Intimacy means you’re focused and invested far beyond the surface. It means you’re ready and willing to travel deep into yourself, your dreams and your people to find a knowing, an acceptance and a passionate confidence so fierce you didn’t know it existed.

I will always encourage you to lead with intimacy, which requires you to be grounded and connected to yourself.

Intimacy leads to
Moving away from just surviving
Intuitive connection in business and life
Knowing your goals and aligning your actions to be able to meet them
What's brand strategy? ⟶
Brand strategy is the plan to get you to where you want be.
Brand strategy is more important than design, it’s your message. Design is just the vehicle to convey your message, powerful though it may be. Without a message it’s just decoration without any clear purpose. And it won’t help you reach any meaningful long-term goals.

Brand strategy is powerful because it is what’s going to compel emotion, action and connection from your people. It’s what guides you in every decision, every piece of marketing, every last  bit of communication with your people. It’s what allows you to understand who those people even are.

It’s the depth and richness to your brand story because it’s a refined and curated iteration tailored specifically to your people, but based intrinsically on your intimate understanding of yourself.

Brand strategy is
Your purpose
Your vision
What you do
How you do it differently
Why you care about it
Your brand values
The functional and emotional benefits of your services or products
Your brand positioning, tagline and messaging
Your people
Your personality attributes and tone
Your keywords and copywriting library
Your content categories for marketing
Your marketing strategy and schedule
Your brand goal
Why choose Lorin? ⟶
I don’t mean to brag, but…
Where life and business intersect, in the messy middle filled with intimacy and pleasure, is my area of interest, but also my area of expertise. The space where you realise that your business, your journey of turning something you’re incredibly passionate about into something profitable that supports your life, is so intrinsically linked to you, your journey of healing or your season of change.

I live for the intimate stories and connections we share with ourselves and others and I’m really good at helping you not only unpack them, but piecing them back together in a way that really just makes sense and feels fucking right.

My own story is born of necessity (needing to earn an income in my business), a way for me to advocate for myself in a season that was both dis-empowering and revolutionary (my journey of matrescence), a key part of my healing adventure (rediscovering my voice, my purpose and identity through work).

And I saw that women who are transacting from within a space of survival like the one I had been in for so long, need business support that gives them permission to feel. Support that harnesses their innate strengths and allows them to move into a space of connectedness, intimacy and acceptance with themselves, their stories and the messy middle of their many roles.

So that’s what I do.

I believe
In inclusivity without exception
Feminism that is not intersectional serves to uphold dangerous patriarchal philosophies
That given the chance to really get intimate and unpack our story and vision, we propelling ourselves onto path of growth while maintaining an acceptance and appreciation for where we are now
Showing up as your truest self allows for understanding, self-compassion and growth
To nurture vulnerability and acceptance, I need to hold a safe and sacred space for my people
We may define success and joy differently but that doesn’t mean one definition is better or more desirable than another

How strategy has grown my clients’ businesses

Because I had started a business before, I knew how hard it can be to go at it alone – so I hired Lorin to help me with brand strategy for my brand new coaching business. I had barely bought a domain at the point when I started working with her. What I wasn't expecting was just how deeply Lorin would strive to understand what I'm about (and not just my business), and helped weave that in throughout everything we worked on.
Lorin has a way of distilling everything I share about my business and life into thoughtful words and concepts, which has made me feel more confident in talking about what I do and what I'm passionate about. I got an amazing brand strategy manual that I could lean on for inspiration and direction whenever I created *anything* for my business – which made the less fun parts of running a business feel a lot lighter. It took out a lot of the guesswork and floundering that comes with building a brand new business, and it gave me a clear foundation to build on when I wanted to make changes.
After my initial branding strategy sessions were done, I signed up for continued regular sessions with Lorin. As my business has evolved, she has worked with me to continue updating my Strategy Manual. It's been like having a part-time partner in my business to bounce ideas off of – which was possible only because she had taken the time to know my brand so intimately.

Jenna Hellberg

Having brand intimacy has allowed me to develop the skill of staying laser-focused on consistency in messaging (with copy and branding). Having an easy-to-understand strategy absolutely affects my confidence in marketing. The Strategy Manual makes my life easier and takes a lot of pressure off me. I don’t have to spend hours trying to figure content. I have a clear guide and pathway to reach my people, and when I get distracted or off course I refer back to my strategy to get me back on track! I am regularly referencing it to maintain brand consistency and ensure sure I'm staying on track and speaking to my people. And understanding them allows me to effectively create solutions to problems they have and provide a different perspective on issues we share. 

Anusha fabio

Before I started working with Lorin, I felt like my brand was like a bunch of wildflowers I had gathered. She helped me arrange them into a beautiful bouquet through strategy and design that I feel confident in marketing and planning around. Having a clear sense of the community we serve and how we wish to serve them has been liberating. It’s easier to make decisions in and for Elpis Real Estate Boutique because the who and how is our litmus test. Because I understand our business so deeply I am able to accept or decline ideas and offers based on how well it fits our brand’s messaging and vision. 

Aimee Burrell

I’m so elated and excited about the whole project. Thank you for giving it your all. Lorin!!!! 🤩  You are just as obsessed as I am!!! I am in awe of the designs and how much of YOU and SOUL and HEART you’re putting into this brand. Aaaaaaaaaah thank you so much. I am happy with everything. Just SO SAD it is coming to an end (I was thinking yesterday I want to work with you FOR LIFE).

Beatrice Mangar
What do I get in this 1:1 programme?
4 weeks of intimacy-driven conversation
That’s 4-weeks of one-on-one conversations centred on you, your story and your business and where all three of those overlap.
What do I get in this 1:1 programme?
2 live calls where we lay the foundation
No specific time cap on these calls, as they serve a very important discovery and conversational role in the process. In fact, I encourage upward of 2 hours a piece and booking more calls as needed to ensure we’re keeping completely aligned to your goals.
After the call I might prescribe some work, like prompts or completing a short worksheet. All in the name of mapping out a full and rich brand story that will guide you on the path to profitability and growth.
What do I get in this 1:1 programme?
Brand strategy
The kind that just makes sense and it easy to use.
I’m talking about refined and curated statements around your purpose and vision, what you do and how you do it differently, why you care about it, your brand values, the functional and emotional benefits of your services or products, your brand positioning, tagline and messaging, a highly detailed profile on your people, your personality attributes and tone, your keywords and copywriting library, your content categories for marketing, your marketing strategy and schedule and your brand goal.
What do I get in this 1:1 programme?
Done-for-you Strategy Manual
Yours. All yours. Filled with your final strategy and messaging, it’s a meaningful guide to representing your brand. It’s an in-depth look at everything that should guide your decisions, marketing, communication and is centred through the lens of your people.
Bring your workbook, your guidebooIf, at any point, you need grounding or reminding just how amazing either you or your business are, this is the document you come back to. Because this backs your vision and is aligned with your beautiful business dreams and goals.k, your questions and your wine!
What do I get in this 1:1 programme?
Creative Direction
I provide 2 options that would meet the stated goal of your brand experience as we define in the strategy weeks. We’ll refine it into one visual direction (you could call this a mood board) and write up an explicit (in a good way) statement to guide your DIY decisions or hand off to a designer.
What do I get in this 1:1 programme?
I’ll send you my bonus materials for perhaps less fun but equally as important business tasks. Setting goals, finances and accounting with Airtable templates, project and client relationship management, creating a weekly schedule, marketing schedules with Airtable templates.
You know, the ‘cog’ things that keep the machine working :)
What do I get in this 1:1 programme?
Availability of on-demand 1:1 calls in the future
The option to book 1:1 coaching calls in the future where you can bring it! Questions, concerns, requests — I’m here for all of it.
These aren’t available as a stand-alone service but are available to you at any point you feel you need them as an existing client!
With a sneaky discount you’ll get the code for too! Because I really love connecting with creative, strong and excited womxn on live calls. Like, really really.
What do I get in this 1:1 programme?
And just to recap
That’s 2 1:1 calls, 1 strategy manual, creative direction and some bonus business materials. Packaged into the most intimate 4-week programme of your business journey.
Not to mention the clarity, confidence and power that comes with all this intimacy and strategy in the first place.
What else?

Are you ready to grow your business with confidence and profitability?

Now accepting bookings for 2021

To kickstart a year that’s fuelled by connection, intimacy, knowing, understanding and grace. To start a new chapter by holding space for yourself and allowing others to hold space for you too. To heal, find pleasure and delight in your journey of business and life.

To come home to yourself.

1:1 or community driven
1:1 calls
Brand strategy
Recording permission for live calls
Strategy Manual
Creative direction
Discount on future coaching calls
Email + Voxer
Pay-in-full discount
Bonus business materials + guides
Brand Strategy Sessions
Once off payment
1:1 programme
2+ as needed
Done for you
Done for you
Brand intimacy academy
Once off payment
Pay-in-full bonus only
Brand Strategy Sessions
Once off payment
1:1 programme
2+ calls as needed
Record access to live calls
Brand strategy done for you
Creative direction
Discount on future coaching calls
Email + Voxer access
Bonus business materials + guides
Bonus business materials + guides
Strategy Manual done for you
$200 pay-in-full discount
Brand intimacy academy
Once off payment
Community-based programme
Record access to live calls
Brand strategy self-developed
Pay-in-full bonus only
Discount on future coaching calls
Email + Voxer access
Bonus business materials + guides
Strategy Manual self-completed
$150 pay-in-full discount

Some of your frequently asked questions

How long is the programme?
The programme lasts for around 4 weeks, during which time we get intimate with your brand, your people and yourself and develop a fun and easy-to-implement strategy to help you reach your business goals.
Do you create the strategy manual for me?
Of course! It's usually around 25 pages of insight and exhilarating intimacy you can refer back to at any point in your business journey.
Do I have to complete homework or workbooks?
In lieu of a complete-by-yourself workbook, we have live calls where we can chat. Because I know that the best ah-ha moments and insight happen in conversation. Afterward, if there's something I want you to think about or journal around a bit more, I send you a custom worksheet.
Does this programme include design?
No it doesn't. It does include creative direction though. This will help you create visual messaging that aligns with your strategy and is targeted to your people. In an effort to keep this programme affordable for new business owners, I focus on the most important aspects of starting or refining a brand - the messaging and intimacy that comes with brand strategy.
What if I want design in the future?
If in the three months following the completion of this strategy programme, you feel you're ready to invest in your brand's visual design, I'll discount your paid invoice total from the strategy and design fee.
So what do I walk away with?
A business bestie, for sure. I will rally behind you forever. But, in a more tangible sense, a strategy manual filled with your brand heart, messaging and voice, brand essence and marketing; a comprehensive profile on your people and how you can connect with them; and visual and written creative direction.
What’s your refund policy?
This is a bit tricky. It’s not a course, and it’s not just a series of downloadables which negate the ability to refund you. But it’s also not a series of promises that you can rely on without doing any of the work. It’s an intensive process of discovery and intimacy. That will result in some amazing strategy but also an understanding of how you can best operate in your business and how you best connect with your people. Because of this, if you feel you’re not making progress or that the work isn’t resonating with you, we can schedule a 1:1 call to figure out why.

Will you be joining me in intimacy and conversation?