You deserve to

Move out of survival mode and into a place of growth and profitability

If you’re starting this year with cobbled together bits and bobs to help you build, sustain and grow your business into something profitable and something that’s totally aligned to yourself and your life, this is for you.

Are you

needing direction

Struggling to figure out your next steps in business, after signing up to more email lists than you can count in an attempt to piece together all their free advice into something that actually works for you?

missing clarity

Feeling confused about who you're talking to in your business and marketing communication, never fully understanding who those people are, what they need and why they should choose to work with or buy from you?

craving confidence

You know your business is an inseparable part of who you and it's time to turn such a fierce part of your identity into something you're proud of so that you can grow into the vision you have for your life.

I know that you have so much incredible value to give in your industry and I know that your purpose is deeply woven into the who you are and how you move through the world.

Whether you started this journey out of necessity or catharsis or to find a way to advocate for yourself, what you've created has evolved into an intrinsic part of your identity and your season of healing.

And I want so badly for you to be able to stand with confidence and pride as you move into a time less defined by survival and more defined by growth and profitability.

Now imagine

Having an intimate understanding of what you want from your business and life. Imagine shaping that understanding and clarity into a brand story. A curated and refined story that’s built on your own personal experiences, purpose and vision.

Then imagine brand messaging that captures the very heart of that story. A message so compelling in emotion, connection and action because it’s driven by an intimate understand of who you’re talking to.

Their problems, anxieties, excitements, and wonders.

Imagine how those combine to create such an aligned marketing effort, such a delightful brand experience, such a connected strategy. And how insanely confident that would make you feel.

And how woven into the fabric of your life your business would be. How intrinsic it would be to not just who you are and how you move yourself through the world. But how you would be able to envision and reach your most fierce dreams and vision you have for your life.

This is so possible for you!

Welcome to the

Brand Intimacy Academy

A micro-community programme with intimacy and conversation at its very heart.

In this 10 week programme, I walk you through unpacking, creating, refining and strategising your own brand story to create brand messaging that connects, a brand experience that is intimate, and a business you are incredibly confident in. A business that embraces all the messy in-betweens, and moves from a place of survival to a place of growth and profitability. A place of confidence. 

This is not your average group coaching programme. In fact, it’s not even a coaching programme. And, mind you, it’s not a course either.

It’s a journey, deep and exciting, that will help you grow a business that is intrinsic to yourself, guiding you in harnessing your innate feminine strengths.

It’s a journey into the core of your brand story so that you can develop a brand strategy that just makes sense, feels good and is easy to use.

Is The Brand Intimacy Academy for you?

What my strategy clients are saying

Taking the time to sit back and reflect in a personal and truly intentional manner about my business and then coming out of this with a solid and easy-to-understand brand strategy from you gives me wings! I know I can confidently step forward, and soar to the heights I want to go to, and dream of. It makes it less daunting, and I can see part of the path ahead more clearly. I feel it’s helped me obtain the clarity I was seeking - so many ideas and words, that can be sometimes distracting and overwhelming when they’re scattered in my head. The brand strategy not only gives me confidence about where to go, but also gives me an indication of how to go about it, the exact steps to follow. Therefore this becomes simple, and simplicity is the greatest gift any small business owner can enjoy.

I now go forward in my business knowing my people intimately. I understand what content to create for them, how to show up for them so I can truly serve them to the best of my ability, in my own authentic voice and using my own journey, even if it looks so far from the norm.

Beatrice Mangar

Before I started working with Lorin, I felt like my brand was like a bunch of wildflowers I had gathered. She helped me arrange them into a beautiful bouquet through strategy and design that I feel confident in marketing and planning around. Having a clear sense of the community we serve and how we wish to serve them has been liberating. It’s easier to make decisions in and for Elpis Real Estate Boutique because the who and how is our litmus test. Because I understand our business so deeply I am able to accept or decline ideas and offers based on how well it fits our brand’s messaging and vision. 

Aimee Burrell

Because I had started a business before, I knew how hard it can be to go at it alone – so I hired Lorin to help me with brand strategy for my brand new coaching business. I had barely bought a domain at the point when I started working with her. What I wasn't expecting was just how deeply Lorin would strive to understand what I'm about (and not just my business), and helped weave that in throughout everything we worked on.
Lorin has a way of distilling everything I share about my business and life into thoughtful words and concepts, which has made me feel more confident in talking about what I do and what I'm passionate about. I got an amazing brand strategy manual that I could lean on for inspiration and direction whenever I created *anything* for my business – which made the less fun parts of running a business feel a lot lighter. It took out a lot of the guesswork and floundering that comes with building a brand new business, and it gave me a clear foundation to build on when I wanted to make changes.
After my initial branding strategy sessions were done, I signed up for continued regular sessions with Lorin. As my business has evolved, she has worked with me to continue updating my Strategy Manual. It's been like having a part-time partner in my business to bounce ideas off of – which was possible only because she had taken the time to know my brand so intimately.

Jenna Hellberg

Having brand intimacy has allowed me to develop the skill of staying laser-focused on consistency in messaging (with copy and branding). Having an easy-to-understand strategy absolutely affects my confidence in marketing. The Strategy Manual makes my life easier and takes a lot of pressure off me. I don’t have to spend hours trying to figure content. I have a clear guide and pathway to reach my people, and when I get distracted or off course I refer back to my strategy to get me back on track! I am regularly referencing it to maintain brand consistency and ensure sure I'm staying on track and speaking to my people. And understanding them allows me to effectively create solutions to problems they have and provide a different perspective on issues we share. 

Anusha fabio
What do I get when I enrol in the academy?
Intimate group
I’m only opening 6 seats for this season of the academy. That’s a micro-community of womxn whose values and goals very most likely align with yours. For support. For inspiration. For community.
I have a feeling we’ll all be life-long friends after this season!
What do I get when I enrol in the academy?
Comprehensive Workbook
To kickstart the intimacy with prompts and questions around you, where you are, what you do or want to do in business, who you want to serve and what your goals look like. Print it out and complete it by hand, use a form filler on your computer or scribble away with your Apple Pencil.
What do I get when I enrol in the academy?
8 modules
One released each week, with an introductory video and PDF guidebook. That you’ll have forever access to, obviously!
Use your completed workbook alongside the guidebooks each week which help you extract the information and curate it into usable strategy.
What do I get when I enrol in the academy?
2-hour community call each week
This is the community-based and conversation-led part of the academy. Which is to say, the very best part! It’s the absolute heart of what I love doing and facilitate the conversation around that weeks’ topic and action steps.
Bring your workbook, your guidebook, your questions and your wine!
What do I get when I enrol in the academy?
Your very own Strategy Manual
Yours. All yours. Filled with your final strategy and messaging, it’s a meaningful guide to representing your brand. It’s an in-depth look at everything that should guide your decisions, marketing, communication and is centred through the lens of your people.
If, at any point, you need grounding or reminding just how amazing either you or your business are, this is the document you come back to. Because this backs your vision and is aligned with your beautiful business dreams and goals.
What do I get when I enrol in the academy?
Bonus: 2 1:1 coaching calls with me
As a pay-in-full bonus, you get 2 coaching calls where you can bring it! Questions, concerns, requests — I’m here for all of it.
You’ll have the booking link to schedule one in the middle of the season and one at the end.
And you get a discount for any future 1:1 call bookings too. Because I really love connecting with creative, strong and excited womxn on live calls. Like, really really.
What do I get when I enrol in the academy?
And just to recap
That’s 1 workbook, 8 videos, 8 guidebooks, 1 strategy manual template, 8 live community calls and 2 bonus 1:1 coaching calls. Packed in a micro community of 6 womxn and a generous 10 weeks so we can take our time combing over every detail.
Not to mention the clarity, confidence and power that comes with all this intimacy and strategy in the first place.
What else?

Are you ready to create that place of confidence, growth and profitability?

The next season starts Feb 01 2021.

To kickstart a year that’s fuelled by connection, intimacy, knowing, understanding and grace. To start a new chapter by holding space for yourself and allowing others to hold space for you too. To heal, find pleasure and delight in your journey of business and life.

To come home to yourself.

Community of like-minded womxn
Get the workbook as soon as you sign up
Videos to introduce module
Accompanying guidebooks
2-hour live community calls
Record live calls for future reference
Strategy Manual template
Email + Voxer access for 12 weeks
Lifetime access to materials and videos
1:1 consulting/mentorship call with me
Discount on future consulting/mentorship calls
Pay in full
$950 / R12000
Once off payment
I've removed the discount for pay in full.
6 payments of
6 instalments of
It felt yucky to charge you more.
Pay in full
$950 / R12000
Once off payment
Community of like-minded womxn
Get the workbook as soon as you sign up
8 videos to introduce module
8 accompanying guidebooks
Record live calls for future reference
Strategy Manual template
Email + Voxer access for 12 weeks
Lifetime access to materials and videos
Discount on future consulting/mentorship calls
8 2-hour live community calls
2 1:1 consulting/mentorship calls with me
Payment plan
$190 / R2400
5 instalments of
Community of like-minded womxn
Get the workbook as soon as you sign up
8 videos to introduce module
8 accompanying guidebooks
8 2-hour live community calls
Record live calls for future reference
Strategy Manual template
Email + Voxer access for 12 weeks
Lifetime access to materials and videos
No discount on future consulting/mentorship calls
0 1:1 consulting/mentorship calls with me

Pssst. If you're South African and want to pay in ZAR, head over here.

All the details!

Week 1

My Brand Heart

My Purpose

My Vision

What I Do

How I Do It Differently

Why I Care About It

My Brand Values

Week 2

My Brand Essence

Personality Attributes

Brand Voice


Brand Keywords

Copywriting Library

Keywords And Phrases To Avoid

Week 3

My Brand Messaging

Functional Benefit

Emotional Benefit

My Brand Positioning

My Tagline

My Brand Messaging

Week 4

My People

What is the ideal problem to solve, need to fulfil or desire to meet


Client/Customer board

Who they are

Their Keywords + Phrases

Week 5

Break Week

Schedule your coaching calls

Take a break to consider and mull over all the strategy so far

Week 6


Communication goals

My Customer Journey

Content categories

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Schedule

Content Creation Process

Content Scheduling Template

Week 7

Goal Setting and Defining Success

Defining how you measure success

Setting achievable goals

Establishing a plan to reach them

Scheduling those tasks

Week 8

Creating Systems and Processes

Finances and forecasting

Project management

Client relationship management

Week 9

Creating and Using your Strategy Manual

Writing your Story

How to create your own strategy manual

Copywriting from your strategy manual

Wrapping up and available for feedback, questions and advice

Continued Voxer access for an additional 2 weeks after week 10

Some of your frequently asked questions

How long is the season?
The season lasts for 10 weeks, with 4 weeks of videos, calls and guidebooks, and 1 rest week to digest and refine the strategy developed to that point each.
Do you create the strategy manual for me?
I don’t but I help you refine all of its contents. I provide you with a template for Canva, InDesign or just a fillable PDF.
Do I have to complete the workbook before season starts?
I highly recommend completing the workbook before we start the weekly sessions. This will give you a better idea of what we’ll be covering, will have kickstarted an intimate thought process and will help you develop your strategy because you’ve done so much of the ‘work’ required already.
Gosh! That’s a lot of live calls.
Yup, it is. And I really wound’t have it any other way. My aim is for you to find and cultivate community in your business, and this is a magnificent place to start. Also, the best insights and clarity-inducing thoughts pop up during conversation so the bulk of the academy is conversation-led. Also, 16 hours of live Zoom calls?! What value!
When can I book my coaching calls for?
The coaching calls have to be booked in for the rest weeks, so week 5 and week 10 of the season.
How long are the videos each week?
These videos serve to introduce the area of strategy we’ll be covering that week so I keep them shorter than 10 minutes.
Why so many guidebooks?
These help you take your answers and thoughts from the workbook and apply them to the area we’re working on that week. They’re short and print-friendly and aim to give you a step-by-step so that you’re armed with relevant questions and concerns during the live calls.
What’s your refund policy?
This is a bit tricky. It’s not a course, and it’s not just a series of downloadables which negate the ability to refund you. But it’s also not a series of promises that you can rely on without doing any of the work. It’s an intensive process of discovery and intimacy. That will result in some amazing strategy but also an understanding of how you can best operate in your business and how you best connect with your people. Because of this, if you feel you’re not making progress or that the work isn’t resonating with you, we can schedule a 1:1 call to figure out why.

Will you be joining us in intimacy and conversation?