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Brand messaging

Getting more fab clients is about shifting your message from being a person or business that sells a particular service or product to being someone who specialises in a result. Then anchoring all your sales efforts in that result.

This audit allows us to review and refine your messaging so it better conveys that result. We can tackle your emotional and functional benefits, positioning yourself in your industry, refining your core message, or looking at the pillars of your brand messaging that uphold what you do, who you do it for and why it's important.

Group call where you'll have a 15-minute spot


Individual call where you'll have 30 minutes


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How it works


You'll share what you want to review and refine during your audit session when you're booking. This can include any messaging concerns from the result you provide, to your core message, to your brand positioning, to your core messaging pillars.


Once you book I'll send you an invoice that you can pay via PayPal (international) or SnapScan (South Africa)


We get together online, either in the group or individual audit sesh, where I'll give you high-impact suggestions you can implement immediately
Why Lorin? 

I believe we deserve to be deeply connected to ourselves, our purposes and our vision, so that we can confidently run our businesses in a way that honours who we are while growing it into what we dreamed it to be.

I got (get?) really frustrated with the overly manipulative marketing tactics that promise big outcomes by selling formulas and one-size-fits-all approaches.

My solution to this was to trade lost-in-the-crowd brand stories for intimacy, so we can move within our business from a place of deep understanding, focusing on the result we specialise in instead of the service we provide or niche we operate in.

So that we can have a plan, all the confidence and the right words to grow our businesses into what we dream them to be.

good to know
I don't believe in one-size-fits-all approaches, for business or life. I value your agency and autonomy and won't push a mould or formula that doesn't honour your unique circumstance, values and experience.
I know without a doubt that you can DIY a rocking brand strategy with the right resources. This support is designed to help you feel confident in hitting publish on your marketing, messaging and brand experiences, and get it in front of the right people sooner.
I won't sell you something if I don't believe I'd be able to help you reach your goals. I also don't do bullshit promises of grand outcomes or revenue and will always be working towards putting human-ness above revenue.
guiding principles